About Me

Born as:
ZAHAMIN Baki bin zainal

Rather be named as:
Baki Zainal

Born on:

Grew up in:
My castles in the sky

My motto:
Awesome Weii!!

Ever since I've become part of 8TV Nite Live, I learned a lot especially about an awesome music scene called K-pop and it blew my mind :)

The Fun Stuff

  • I am passionate at doing my work well and making sure I live life at the fullest.
  • 5 items I must have with me: iphone, sun glasses, my debit card, a lip balm and a pair of clean underwear.
  • The first thing I do when I wake up: check my tweeter
  • My top 5 "must go to" websites:,,,,
  • Am I a social media junkie? Hmmm... tough question to answer... I only tweet, facebook and instagram plus I’m not cool enough coz I’m not invited to join Google+
  • My favourite past time gadgets: my iphone, my mac book pro, my G10
  • If I had all the money in the world, which gadget would I buy? I would buy Steve jobs… then it means that I could have all the Apple stuff that they create hehehe...
  • My musical inspiration: everything and everyone around me
  • If I could be a Hollywood star for a day, I want to be Megan Fox (I wanted to know how it feels to be that hot and I wont stop looking at myself in the mirror)
  • My favourite K-pop artist: Super junior/ Big Bang
  • My hidden talent: to be me :)
  • One thing no one knows about me: I am not funny :)
  • My most memorable moment on 8TV Nite Live: when pin joo, ady, nabil, gavin, mike campton and guibo gave me a surprise for my 30th birthday
  • People should watch me on 8TV Nite Live because... because 8tvnitelive is a cool show and you can hang out with all 6 of your favorite friends mike, nadia, jules, moe, guibo and me :)

Other Hosts
Guibo Mike Moe Nadia

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