Petronas Announces Winners Of Its Cny Photography Contest

Photos best capture the spirit of the festive celebrations

A total of 42 photo entries were announced today as winners of the PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest, organised by the national oil company in conjunction with the recent Chinese New Year celebrations.

The winning photos were selected from over 3,000 entries received via the PETRONAS’ Facebook page between January and February 2012, the duration of the contest which carried the theme of Reimagining Energy™.  

A panel, comprising professional photographers from contest partner Leica Camera AG and representatives from PETRONAS, judged the contest and the winning photos were deemed to depict the most expressive and memorable Chinese New Year moments while capturing the spirit of  the theme.

A prize-giving ceremony was held at Galeri PETRONAS in Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur to reward seven winners each in the contest’s six categories: Mobile, Amateurs, Professionals, School-goers, University or College-goers, and PETRONAS staff.

The winners not only received cash prizes from PETRONAS but will also have their winning photographs displayed at Galeri PETRONAS in a special exhibition until 18 March. 

Apart from the 42 winners, 27 entries which obtained the highest number of “Likes” daily on Facebook also received prizes for “Photo of the Day”.

The prizes were presented to the winners by PETRONAS’ Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

“The PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest was part of our humble efforts to celebrate Chinese New Year with all Malaysians. Over the past one month, it had reached a significant number of Malaysians through the power of social media, and we are indeed heartened and delighted by the overwhelming response,” said Dato Mohammad Medan.

“Our Facebook fan base has increased by almost 30 percent over the past one month to about 120,000 fans, and we are looking forward to engage with the online community even more,” he added.

Apart from the contest, PETRONAS also conducted workshops at selected schools and colleges, to help youths express themselves through photography.

  • Winners of the PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest
  • Mr Rajiv Lal, Managing Director of Zenith Media 
  • Mr George Wong, Business Development Manager, Leica Camera Asia Pacific Private Limited, Malaysia Representative Office
  • Representatives from PETRONAS
  • Members of the media
  • Ladies & Gentlemen
  • A Very Good Morning to All
Firstly, thank you for being here today for the PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest prize giving ceremony. 

This year, in ushering the Year of the Dragon, we have up the ante on ourselves and pushed the limits of creativity and engagement. Overall, we had carefully planned a more engaging Chinese New Year campaign to celebrate this special occasion with our fellow Malaysians.

For the first time, we had successfully produced a television commercial (TVC) that was shot in several locations, including overseas, with six stories told in parallel with the short TVC. To cap that, we had also organised the PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest. 

We not only want Malaysians to watch and enjoy our TVCs, but also offer our audience a richer experience and an avenue to become part of the excitement. In doing so, we invited Malaysians from all walks of life to cast a creative eye on the festivity to capture the spirit of Reimagining Energy™ and upload them on our official PETRONAS Facebook page.

We are truly delighted by the overwhelming response received throughout the photography contest. This includes getting more than 3,000 submissions and engaging a significant number of Malaysian throughout the country using social media. Furthermore, PETRONAS’ Facebook fan base had increased by almost 30 percent over the past one month to about 120,000 fans, and we are looking forward to engage with the online community even more. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Art is an important platform to spur hidden creativity, a core element in developing a holistic individual.  In saying this, visual art or photography is a medium that captures a mirror image of sheer human, such as joys, sorrows and triumphs, including capturing the beauty of nature.

In view of this, we had also conducted 13 workshops in schools and colleges in Klang Valley to create awareness among the younger generation on the use of photography as a means to express their creativity. 

Led by professionals from Leica Camera AG, these workshops garnered a lot of interest among the younger ones. Among others, educating them on the fundamentals of lighting, composition and perspective. Some of the results can be seen in this exhibition. 

At the end of the month-long contest, a team of judges comprising representatives from PETRONAS and Leica Camera AG, went through over three rounds of assessments to identify the winners. The process wasn’t easy, because the majority of the photos left us with quite a deep visual impression. Nevertheless, the criteria were clear - to select the best photos which depict the excitement of Chinese New Year celebrations and capture the spirit of Reimagining Energy™, our corporate tagline.  

What you will see today are 42 of the best photographs submitted throughout the contest period.  The quality of the photographs and lens through which our winners see the world are truly captivating. Looking at the photographs, you would have thought that they were captured by professional photographers!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of PETRONAS, I would like to thank all contest participants, including our partners, Leica Camera AG, HP Print and Giclee Print. Without your participation, this contest would not have been successful. It is always gratifying to see all our hard work and collaborative efforts bearing a positive outcome.

In concluding, this contest and exhibition is our small contribution in surfacing the talents of Malaysians in photography, allowing them to express their creativity, turning passion into potential, and ideas into reality.
Once again, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone for your presence here.  

We look forward to your continuous support towards our upcoming initiatives and hope you will persistently check our Facebook page for latest updates and news stories. 

Thank You.



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