It’s Time Again To Explore Without Boundaries The Great Outdoors

Without Boundaries The Great Outdoors

PETALING JAYA, 29th November 2011 – From beautiful beaches and tropical islands; pack your bags and get ready to join Henry Golding once again as he takes you WITHOUT BOUNDARIES this time into the Great Outdoors!

As adventure beckons, Henry steps out from the concrete jungle into Mother Nature's arms. Knowing no limitations he is all set to experience the density, tangled growth of vines, shrubs, wildlife and exotic creatures of our rich land. Malaysia is truly a treasure trove for nature-lovers. It is time to explore the cool escape offered from our highland townships, trail down past towering trees in a wet jungle swarming with life and sound and even stopover the Aborigines in their settlements and witness how they have adapted perfectly to a life in the forest. WITHOUT BOUNDARIES : THE GREAT OUTDOORS uncovers Malaysia in all its natural beauty and splendour.

Catering to a vast audience, WITHOUT BOUNDARIES : THE GREAT OUTDOORS enlightens in particular the urbanites on the rich natural resources we have in our treasure trove of our virgin jungles. This is a show for the hardcore nature lovers to discover what is relatively undeveloped and a lot of what has not been explored yet. It’s time to immerse yourself in the natural life that surrounds us and get back in touch with nature to gain a sense of place in today's frantic world.

Always seeking for new thrills and challenges, Henry travels WITHOUT BOUNDARIES ; from paragliding in Bukit Jugra, conquering Mount Tahan, picking up survival skills from the Aboriginals, kayaking, exploring the 6th Mile Tunnel that was possibly once a communist hideout, hiking up of Mount Kinabalu, meeting with the Rungus ethnic people, going on 4WD adventure, volunteering at the Orang Utan & Sun Bears Conservation, even to trying the infamous Tongkat Ali. So, get ready to have your socks knocked off as WITHOUT BOUNDARIES : THE GREAT OUTDOORS takes you on an escapade like none before - with diverse locations and fresh discoveries, dive into a whole load of adventure, thrill and exploration beginning, Wednesday, 7th December 2011 at 9.30pm exclusively on 8TV.

“For all you adventure enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, this is the show for you! It’s time to explore our natural theme park and find out what mother nature has in store for us! Join Henry on his escapade that can only be defined as outrages!” says Group General Manager of 8TV and ntv7, Ms Airin Zainul.

Beginning 7th December 2011, get ready for an experience like none before, in WITHOUT BOUNDARIES : THE GREAT OUTDOORS, every Wednesday at 9.30pm exclusively on 8TV. For more information you can log on to www.8tv.com.my/withoutboundaries. 8TV is also on Astro’s Channel 708. You can catch your favourite shows as Catch Up on www.8tv.com.my / www.tonton.com.my or follow us via www.facebook.com/8TVfb , www.twitter.com/8tv and www.youtube.com/8tvaddicts

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