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An eye opener to the journey of Chinese in Malaysia: Aspiring stories of Hardship, Determination and Perseverance from olden days Malaya till modern day Malaysia. With 2 versions (30 min episode and 3 min special highlights), this significant documentary captures the adventurous Chinese migrants who struggled and how their achievements played a major part in shaping today’s Malaysian Chinese.

With two older daughters, Zhou Ji Wei’s mother has hoped that her third child will be a son. Instead, she gives birth to another daughter. As a result, Ji Wei always feels like the ‘extra’ in the family. She finds comfort in a neighbour Aunty Dai and runs away to live in their home. There she meets a handsome older boy called Dai Yao Qi. Ji Wei thinks of all kinds of ways to get close to him, and the only way it seems is to be his ‘younger sister’.

八度空间年度重头制作《忆厉王》,一个全新中文益智节目,以你的常识和记忆力来赢取奖金,于2012年1月15日起,每逢星期日,晚上7点,全马独家首播,齐来忆分高下! 由叶剑锋主持的《忆厉王》,每一集邀请观众朋友一起参与。比赛共分为三个关卡,只有过关斩将到最后的参赛者,累积每个关卡的奖金,最后启动宝箱,就能够将丰富的奖金捧回家。 第一个回合的《忆己之力》测试你的常识和记忆力,参赛者必须答对了常识题,才有机会进行数码轮盘游戏,以累积更丰富的奖金;而最低分的将会被淘汰出局。其余两位参赛者则进入下一回合的《忆动千金》,参赛者将会获得家人的一臂之力,但参赛者必须先自行答对了常识题后,家人才有机会进行数码轮盘游戏,累积更多奖金;同样的,以此类推的累积奖金,最低分的将被淘汰。 最高分的参赛者自动进入《不可思忆》启动宝箱。不过,首要条件是,参赛者所答题的答案必须与宝箱的密码符合,这样宝箱才会打开,赢走超过3万令吉奖金!

A show for viewers to follow the pursuits of a guest youth and show host to Malaysia’s rural outskirts and quaint spots to look for some of our finest tradional Chinese art secrets still kept alive by some families or old masters today. Discover the challenge and mission of our guest youth who will attempt to learn appreciate the methods and techniques to share with our audiences.

See the demonstration of leadership and teamwork of local artistes as they win the battle of extreme sports challenges! Ever wonder how will local artistes fare in areas other than their specialties like singing, dancing and hosting?

Residing deep within every woman’s heart is a desire. Qian Jia Yi (Yan Yee), a rich man’s daughter, returns from overseas studies and organises a trip with her old classmates, Qi Ming Xing (Akit Tay), Bai Xue Na (Tracy Lee), Chen Jing Li (Paige Chua) and Liang Lu Lu (Ya Hui). Jia Yi wishes that her fiancé, Jia Hong (Desmond Tan), will love her forever as she is preparing to marry him. Ming Xing wishes for good health as her mother is in a vegetative state. Xue Na wishes for a happy family with her husband Yong Cheng (Adam Chen). Jing Li wishes for true love, having just broken up. Lu Lu lives a life of leisure and wishes for fame and fortune. The five women chance upon a famous artist who paints a masterpiece of them, “Beauties in Bath”. What meaning does the painting have for the five women? Can their friendship stay strong and robust in the midst of their conflicting innermost desires?