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《启航》系列节目讲述马来亚华裔先民如何从中国飘洋过海来到南洋,并在这里扎和生活、落地生根的故事。而在第二系列中,节目将会着重阐述各个籍贯的华人来到南洋一带后,聚集在哪一些地方,而他们又从事着哪一些传统行业。 一般上,不同籍贯的华人都从事着不同种类的传统行业,这与他们家乡的地理位置或是在原乡所从事的行业息息相关。因此,《启航》第二系列的节目里,让观众们知道闽南人、广东人、福州人、客家人等投身到自己的传统行业中的原委,以及他们如何随着时代而做出改变。

Find out where you can get the best mouth-watering local feast in Malaysia. A culinary guide to the best dig out spots in Malaysia... Untapped & off the beaten track. A colloquial term for getting the best quality of food…Best in the world will showcase just that...

This year BEST IN THE WORLD is on a mission to travel ever farther and wider to bring you the supreme gourmet. That’s right they are going in search all around Malaysia – Yes! Even to Sabah and Sarawak! Join the hilarious, maddening and stomach-rumble-inducing host Razif Hashim on his quest to find nothing short of the best, as he hits the streets and takes you between the cendol carts and noodle stalls, where the scent of spices linger and the fiery chilli echoes the people’s passion to prepare good food. Apart from food, food and more food, there will also be 3 Special Episodes in BEST IN THE WORLD year 2 casting World Flavours, People’s Choice and a Raya Special that features even more great FOOD!!

八度空间将独家呈现cuti-cuti 1 malaysia,主持人Henley许亮宇和Natalie小玉带领您展开一个难忘的旅程,体验最道地的风景和事物。深入的走进大马的心脏,用心感受人们的日常生活、风景的旖旎动人,这个热带土地的历史背景和文化,一个我们称之为马来西亚的美丽国土。 节目中主要展示国内最著名和最有魅力的观光景点,让您用最少的花费,去更多的地方。 从劳勿、福隆港、居銮、双溪班丹、布城、亚沙、马六甲、关丹、槟城、浮罗交怡、瓜拉吉赖、山打根等其它很多站旅程,紧随着Henley和小玉的脚步,一同探访东姑阿都拉曼海岛公园、海龟岛、西必洛猿人保护区自助游、槟城战争博物馆、安顺斜塔、葡萄牙村,以及令人垂涎欲滴的美食。不同的种族、故事、多元文化传统以及美食等,将“一个马来西亚”的概念提升到全新的境界。

An eye opener to the journey of Chinese in Malaysia: Aspiring stories of Hardship, Determination and Perseverance from olden days Malaya till modern day Malaysia. With 2 versions (30 min episode and 3 min special highlights), this significant documentary captures the adventurous Chinese migrants who struggled and how their achievements played a major part in shaping today’s Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysian teenagers relocated to the US to live and experience the American life for 6 months with a foster family.

We all tend to look up to strong independent women, but how do we actually become one ourselves? It’s easy to give in to the feeling of self-doubt and consequently back down from challenges, buts that's certainly not what being a strong woman is all about. Well, here at G-Thang, we strive to meet these objectives to ensure we can inspire and mould the next generation of independent women to succeed in whatever they have set their minds on! - To empower women by opening their minds to endless possibilities - To promote sisterhood - To help make every single female feel beautiful and gorgeous

男女厨艺一较高下,《美食星厨》由Cheryl李欣怡担任主持人,成为参赛者与评审之间的桥梁。 除了性别上的差异,无独有偶,男参赛者多数拥有厨师背景或在厨房工作;而女生则非专业厨师。整个节目形式将以“男女配”分组进行,既是“专业”与“非专业”的对决,从女参赛者喜欢下厨的热情与创意,加分不少。而组别对决战将沿用直至总决赛,最后脱颖而出的两名参赛者将在总决赛争夺冠军宝座。 评审将针对各组的整体表现评分,包括整个准备和烹调过程,以及成品的色、香、味,缺一不可。评审们严格把关,务必参赛者达到他们的要求,也让他们看到自己的进步。胜出的一组将顺利晋级,而输了比赛的一组将被面对被淘汰的命运。 《美食星厨》,让您体验一道又一道色香味俱全的创意佳肴。

Our top 12 finalists from Hot Chef’s 2010 season returns to take viewers from the shores of Taiwan to across the Malaysian continent in search for original home cooked recipes and sample all the home cooked goodness from every Chinese dialect group household.