As part of 8TV’s 10th Anniversary...
Doakan MH370
Saksikan siaran langsung liputan terkini ‘Tragedi...
Kan Cheong Kitchen
Kan-Cheong Kitchen is the culinary-themed game...
The Ultimate Song
大马第一个以发掘词曲创作人为宗旨、为本地娱乐圈增添新血为出发点的电视真人秀 – 《非常好歌》, 将为国内创作人提供展现才...
The Enchanted
Residing deep within every woman’s heart...


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8TV’s flagship Mandarin News offers updated news from local and foreign atmosphere. Reporting on the hottest domestic and foreign news, business, entertainment and sports fronts that touched on issues that are close to the Chinese audience.

Hiburan K-Drama Autumn Di Hatiku kini secara marathon. Nikmati musim 1 & 2 terus menerus di

Saksikan siaran langsung liputan terkini ‘Misi Mencari MH370’ secara ‘global’ di For the latest updates on ‘The Search for MH370’, watch the global live streaming on

This current affairs program reaches out to the community through reporting, discussing and analyzing issues which affect the lives of the public directly. The public gets to voice out their opinions through becoming citizen journalists and polls, as well as benefit from life-improvement tips from experts.

Sensational news, explosive interviews, heart to heart talk and heartwarming encounters is what Truth Next Door is all about. Malaysia’s No.1 female Chinese magazine Feminine 风采 comes to life in this special reality show bringing audiences behind the scenes and exposes the actual stories behind exclusive articles ranging from latest trends, explosive news articles that deal with sex, drama, human relationships, crime and even those that matter to the heart. Audiences have a chance to speak out in this series to everything that concerns them, creating awareness and appreciation of life.