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8TV’s flagship Mandarin News offers updated news from local and foreign atmosphere. Reporting on the hottest domestic and foreign news, business, entertainment and sports fronts that touched on issues that are close to the Chinese audience.

“Ho Chak” in Hokkien means ‘Tasty’. This show will feature more on Chinese hawker food, and other local cuisine such as Nyonya food, Malay Indian and desserts.

A breakaway from conventional travelogue, this thrilling travel-game show requires travelers to travel AND play hard at the same time!

Zi En, a city girl inherited a restaurant from her parents. Due to her terrible temper, all of her cooks were unable to stand her and resigned. She became desperate and needed to find a good cook to sustain the business. When she meets Shi

Our top 12 finalists from Hot Chef’s 2010 season returns to take viewers from the shores of Taiwan to across the Malaysian continent in search for original home cooked recipes and sample all the home cooked goodness from every Chinese dialect group household.

All Men Are Brothers also known as Water Margin tells the story of why and how 108 heroes (105 men, 3 women) gathered at the Liang Mountain and soon became outlaw armies to fight against pompous and heartless tyrants. It is a drama of martial arts, political corruption, murder, hatred and love. Led by director Kuk Kok Leung, the epic series boasts an equally epic all-star cast.